Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alpaca fibers galore!

On Friday I received a shipment of amazingly beautiful alpaca fiber from Dodge City Alpaca Ranch and I am so thrilled.  The beautifully musty smelling package contained a wide range of natural (occurs in nature) colored fibers.  I purchased one pound of roving from each fiber at an unbelievable price.  I highly advise using this farm for your alpaca needs.

*Please remember that your monitor calibration can make colors look different than real life.  I tried be certain these were as accurate as possible in color rendering.*

Here is what I purchased.

Natural White Alpaca Roving
White Alpaca

NOTE: This roving is the softest of all of the roving I received.  It is hard to describe just how soft this fiber actually is, but the full pound of it seemed like a giant pillow to me.

Natural Light Fawn Alpaca Roving


Natural Medium Fawn Alpaca Roving

Medium Fawn Roving

Natural Dark Fawn Alpaca Roving


Natural Dark Brown Alpaca Roving
Dark Brown Alpaca

Natural Medium Rose Grey Alpaca Roving
Medium Rose Grey Alpaca

Natural Dark Rose Grey Alpaca Roving

Dark Rose Grey Alpaca

NOTE: This roving has an amazing color but is slightly rough.  I am excited to see how it felts.

Natural Black Alpaca Roving

Black Alpaca

NOTE: This roving is the roughest of the colors of alpaca.  The darker the color of the alpaca - the rougher the roving.  I do believe this fiber is still usable for scarves and was not nearly as rough as the Romney wool fiber I have had in the past.

Will Nuno Felting very thin cotton work?

Tonight I was going through my VERY large stash of sewing fabrics - 12 large tupperware style boxes - in search of fabrics to nuno felt upon.

I came across a box full of lace - which I have already discovered nuno felts very well due to its open structure.  I also found a decent amount of silky sheers, some synethic and some natural - all of which should nuno felt creatively.

But then I found a box of fabrics that were handed down to my by grandmother.  They are vintage cotton gingham that she used to use for baby clothes for me and my siblings.  The fabric is so alive with spring colors, baby blue, pale yellow, pastel pink, and other youthful colors.  The check is so tiny and unique, it is a fabric you don't find much anymore.  I never really used it in my sewing projects because I did not have a ton of yardage of it.

Unfolding it, I held it up to the light and sure enough the weave is open enough to both see and breath right through it.  So my question is - will it nuno felt?  I have some ideas, so soon enough we will all know how it felts up.  I plan to make a cheery springtime wrap with yellows and see how this fabric felts up.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome to my shop!

Hi everyone!  My name is Ariana and I am the proud creator behind Wooly Worms Felt Creations.

I am an accomplished fiber artist, photographer, software developer, seamstress, and mom.  I adore the world of fiber and love to make just about any kind of stuff I can think of.

Please have fun and enjoy my blog.  I plan to be her often, so lookout.